I have reached a point in my life, where things are slowing down a little, and I have accumulated some stories to tell. This site is for my my own enjoyment and to relive the events that have comprised my life and to reflect on them. If anyone else finds this interesting or instructive, that's fine too. If your version of a story differs from mine, let me know. I have been as honest and truthful as I know how, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. I think this is an exciting way to write an autobiography, as it can be interactive, and won't be completed until I am. If you have any David photos or stories, please send them to me.

Guiding Light

After a few years of searching out the truth about life, these principles came to me while I was in my 20's: Despite our beliefs, no one really knows what happens after we pass from this world. All Jesus said was "In my Father's house are many mansions". The mystics, who devote their lives to metaphysics, commonly say that the deeper they go, the more mysterious it gets. There is too much order in the universe to rationally believe that there is not some intelligent cause, call it what you will. To respect life, or God, is the first priority for us all, I believe. Next is the Golden Rule, and third is to take care of ouselves. Respect Life, respect others, respect yourself. I have tried to make these three principles the foundation of my life. I have not always succeeded, and I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to those I have hurt along the way, and ask for their forgiveness.

Doug, Neela, David
*Neela Duncan was my first "girlfriend". She lived across the street from us on Beechwood Drive, in Knoxville, Tennesse, in 1952. I have always wondered what happened to her and would give anything to see how her life has turned out. She was a very sweet person and I liked her a lot. Doug Broome is to Neela's right.


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